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Lyra Capital Pte Ltd is a privately-owned wealth management company incorporated in 2007 in Singapore and regulated by the same state. The company’s founder is Mr. Charles Monney. Lyra Capital develops a deep understanding of its clients’ needs to provide personalised “Wealth Management Solutions”.

Our common efforts yield solid results for both you and our company – your interests are our interests – in an environment built around the following key values:

  • Privacy & Trust. Trust is the cornerstone of all our activities. We work hard to provide superior financial and legal services with the utmost discretion. Protecting your privacy is one of our primary concerns.
  • INvestment management. Our investment strategies focus on achieving long-term financial success by nurturing a culture in which there is respect and value for client’s needs. By offering highly personalised services, we take care of your wealth with focus and precision.
  • performance. Our services are based on a performance-driven model; our company is compensated when it achieves a positive performance in line with initially set financial objectives. In this way, you ensure the complete alignment of our services with your goals.
  • independence. “Independence commands respect”. At Lyra Capital, relationships with clients are based on mutual understanding and respect. Our ability to remain flexible and independent at any time ensures quality, consistency and continuity.
  • social responsibility. As a company and as individuals, we care about our society and take an active role in giving back to the community. We redistribute a part of our annual revenue to community-based projects and firmly support our clients’ philanthropic endeavors.


As a one-stop shop, Lyra Capital plays a crucial role in ensuring continuity in your interactions with your custodian partners. Beside the investment advisory role, we also act as a “filter”/controller between you and the banks making sure your decisions are swiftly implemented without unsolicited initiatives from the banking institution(s). This way, we enable you to build and keep a stable and strong track record for your private banking activities over time.



We design and manage core portfolios in line with your personal risk/return profile and expected cash flows requirements.
Core portfolios constitute the backbone of investments and boast the following features.

  • A high level of diversification and liquidity
  • Indices and selected fund managers
  • Eliminate unpriced risk factors (market timing, speculative bets, liquidity squeeze)
  • Rebalanced only to ensure investments reflect your preferred asset allocation
  • Low TER (Total Expense Ratio).

Satellites stations :

Specific investment strategies, markets and/or sectors offering the following benefits:

  • Opportunistic, tactical investment choices
  • New issues of securities and structured products
  • Access to restricted markets and funds
  • Private equityplacements
  • Initial Public Off erings (IPOs) and Merger and Acquisition (M&A) deals.


Download our Model Portfolios:


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Policy on Protection of Personal Data

This Policy on Personal Data covers the collection, use and disclosure of personal data collected/submitted to pages of http://www.lyracap.com/

Lyra Capital (“Lyra”) may change this policy by updating this page. You may find the effective date of the policy below.

Collection and Use of Data

Lyra may collect personal data from its website, namely, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • • Name,
  • • Email address,
  • • Other personal information explicitly provided by the user,
  • • Demographic information,
  • • Technical information regarding the access of the user to the website, in particular, IP address, type of operating systems, duration of stay, re-bounce rate and revisit rate.

Data collected from the user from explicit inquiries/comments by email or web interface will be used by Lyra to provide information/services as required/requested by user. In addition, the contact may be entered into our marketing list.
Technical data captured automatically by the server may be collected and used for data analytics, for example to improve the user interface and functionality of the webpages or the marketing efforts of Lyra. Data captured automatically will be collected, stored and used anonymously.

Data Retention

Data provided by the user by any means will be kept by Lyra for five years, unless specific regulations require another duration.

Data Security

Lyra will store the data collected within the servers of the website. Data will also be store in private servers situated in Lyra’s office.
Lyra will make adequate efforts, train and educate employees on data protection.
In the unfortunate event that data provided through the website is leaked, Lyra shall not be liable for any damages.

Requests regarding Personal Data

In the event of discovering any data leakage or to request any removal or correction of personal data collected and held by Lyra, kindly contact the Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) during office hours at +65 6235 8180 or fatia@lyracap.com. The DPO will strive to respond to you within fourteen working days.

Date: 27 March 2018­­



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