Wealth Management


Advisory mandates are suitable for those who wish to keep full control over investment decisions. In a nutshell, we suggest, you decide. The process begins with:

  • A complete assessment of your goals and situation. Understand your financial values and goals, your key relationships, existing assets, other professional advisors, preferred process and main interests.
  • Establishment of short-term and long-term investment objectives. Define objectives for your portfolio according to your preferences, risk tolerance, cash flow requirements and investment time frames.
  • Planning your asset allocation. Asset allocation is the first investment decision. During this part of the process, we help you decide how much of your portfolio to invest in each asset class (domestic and foreign).
  • Building your portfolio. Selection of investment vehicles to implement your portfolio strategy. Three main principles underpin these decisions: the importance of diversification, access to liquidity and the value of remaining invested.

Key benefits :

  • A clear view of your investment goals and expected returns that you fully understand
  • A portfolio tailored to your needs, objectives and risk tolerance
  • Well-organised and flexible decision process for investments, implementation and reporting
  • Professional risk monitoring and proactive advice on opportunities and/or risks
  • Trustful partnership to maintain discipline throughout economic cycles.

Lyra Capital’s discretionary approach is an effective Asia-oriented investment strategy that aims to identify high-performing asset classes and trends on an absolute return basis.

Discretionary mandates are designed for investors who wish to have a portion of their assets managed by Lyra Capital’s team of specialists focusing on Asian markets. Adopting our discretionary approach means that, having agreed upon the strategy you want to follow (conservative, moderate or aggressive), you delegate day-to-day investment decisions to us.

A few factors that make Lyra Capital different:

  • Location: As an Asia-based manager, Lyra Capital has better access and understanding of local markets, domestic inputs and local news than managers located elsewhere. Proximity with selected investments is our standard, even in emerging & frontier markets.
  • Asset Allocation Process: The process employed by Lyra Capital to build optimal portfolios in the Asia-Pacific region is sound and well-structured, leveraging on extensive research, advanced analytics and local knowledge. We create effective portfolios, providing the greatest expected return for a given level of risk to enhance the performance of the chosen strategy.

Key benefits :

  • Strengthen your stake in Asia-Pacific markets while remaining globally diversified
  • Access investment specialists with long-standing, successful track records and solid investment philosophy for your Asian exposure
  • Distance yourself from index tracking in markets where opportunities and market timing enable you to outperform representative benchmarks
  • Operate with a strong risk-controlling and disciplined investment team acting on your behalf.